Lil Wayne Confirms DEVOL Album Is Definitely Coming

'I'm talented, and Birdman lets me do whatever I wanna do, so I'm putting that album,' Wayne says of his project full of love songs.

Lil Wayne has made it clear that he'll always be good, as long as the ladies love him, so it's only fitting then that he should drop an album full of love songs, right?

Last April, during an appearance MTV's late-night talk show "Hip Hop POV," Wayne told fans that he would release an album full of pseudo love songs called DEVOL, which he'd written during his time behind bars. "That's 'loved' spelled backwards, and it's my version of love songs," Tunechi explained at the time.

There hasn't been an update on the project since then, but during Wednesday's episode of "RapFix Live," which was filmed in Miami with the YMCMB and Rich Gang camp, Weezy confirmed that the album was still coming.

"I do still plan on dropping that," he said response to fan's query about the LP.

"I'm very excited about that album. Y'all already know that I be excited about the stuff that y'all really don't be caring too much about," he added, "You know, like love songs according to me. I know y'all are probably like 'I do not wanna hear no love songs according to [Wayne], but I'm talented and Birdman lets me do whatever I wanna do, so I'm putting that album out, ya dig?"

"Y'all gonna love it too, and it's not what y'all expecting," he continued, before changing his mind and deciding not to give any more details.

But if what he said last year remains true, we know that he won't be crooning his heart out or anything. "What I mean by my version of love songs is meaning they're not saying, 'I love you,'" Wayne noted. "It's all material I did when I was locked up."

Other projects to look forward to include Wayne's joint album Like Father, Like Son 2 with Birdman, plus a new Big Tymers album that will include Birdman and Drake, but not Mannie Fresh.