Selena Gomez Answers Your Twitter Questions: Watch Now!

Gomez answers Selenators' most burning questions during 'MTV First: Selena Gomez.'

Ever since her return to music last month, Selena Gomez has hit the ground running. Following a hot performance of "Come & Get It" at the MTV Movie Awards, Gomez released the equally sexy video for the track on Tuesday.

So of all the standout moments in her life so far, what has been favorite? Well, when the singer stopped by MTV News for "MTV First: Selena Gomez," she told us.

"Probably when Wizards won their first Emmy," she said. "I was like 16, it was a really sweet moment," Selena explained."

During her visit, the triple-threat star not only took questions from a group of her biggest Selenators in attendance, she also answered Twitter questions for those tuning in at home. After revealing that her favorite food is Chinese and that her pet peeve is when people "try to be cool or not polite," she divulged what song she is most excited to perform while on tour.

"At the moment probably 'Save the Day,' it's a song on the album and it's really fun, fast paced. I'm excited for people to hear it," Gomez said. "I think with this record I wanted to do that more than any of the other records that I've done. I wanted to make sure when I performed that even if you didn't know the song you would feel good and want to move, so that was super important to me."

So what was the most revealing moment of Gomez's rapid-fire Q&A session? When one Twitter fan asked who Selena would want to star in a movie with.

"Ryan Gosling," Selena said. "Just to look at him."