Avril Lavigne Gets 'Complicated' In 'Here's To Never Growing Up' Video

MTV News goes behind the scenes of the video, where Avril wears her signature look, complete with tie and skateboard.

Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated? Well, Avril Lavigne is throwing up a middle finger to the responsibilities of adult life in her brand-new video for her peppy single "Here's To Never Growing Up."

The video follows Lavigne and her bandmates who have been hired to provide tunes and spice a pretty dull senior prom. When MTV News visited the video's set, the singer gave us the background on the why the clip was filmed in high school.

"We're at prom, and the guys look amazing," she said. "I had my own concept for this video. And then last minute, we changed it because the director came up with a concept and the concept was just 'prom.' And that was really it."

She added, "I thought, 'That's an awesome idea,' 'cause we can dress up, the band can be in cool tuxedos. That was way more fun than I anticipated."

Once Avril shows up at the party, things take a turn for the fun and her energy spills off the stage, onto the dancefloor and into classrooms. Avril throws streamers and bounces around — and, at one point, even pays homage to her teen pop punker days.

Mid-video, Lavigne's rocks her signature "Complicated" look, complete with board shorts, white tank top and, yes, that famous tie. She skates down the hallways and belts out her anthem about the joys of immaturity. But, there is certainly proof that Lavigne isn't a little girl anymore. On display during much of the video is her blinging engagement ring. So, some things do change.

By the end of the video, this prom is at full throttle, glitter and confetti falling from the rafters... and Avril and her crew popping bottles on the stage.

"Never Growing Up" is the lead single off Lavigne's follow-up to 2011's Goodbye Lullaby. It was co-written by her fiance, Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger. The album is slated to drop later this year.