Will 'Glee' Finale Celebrate An Engagement? Darren Criss Weighs in

Criss hints at his character's last-episode development with MTV News.

Will they or won't they? That's the question a lot of fans are wondering when it comes to Kurt and Blaine and a rumor that they just might get engaged during the "Glee" season finale Thursday on Fox.

After a photo appeared online that featured Blaine looking at some bling, Gleeks began to wonder what it means for the future of the twosome. "No, it doesn't [look like I'm buying an engagement ring]! It looks like I'm talking to [guest star] Patty Duke. I don't know what you're talking about! I think they're teasing that. You can choose to believe that or not," Darren Criss, who plays Blaine on the comedy, told MTV News.

"Now, I'm not being facetious. But I wouldn't count... I wouldn't follow that magic carpet, as the expression goes," he added about the speculation.

Whether they decide to take their relationship to the next level, there's one person involved in the action he's excited to share some screen time with. "Oh man! This is me freaking out about meeting Patty Duke. That was awesome!" he said. "I never thought I would ever meet Patty Duke in my life. That's just wild. She was so cool. She was so lovely. I'm running out of adjectives to talk about her. I just had the loveliest time with her."

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In addition to guest stars, the season four finale will also welcome back some familiar faces to Lima, Ohio, as the McKinley High kids prep for regionals once again.

"This season ends not with a graduation; it ends kind of in the middle ... we end at regionals," he teased. "I will say that so there might be people coming back to town to check that out, maybe. Maybe...probably."

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Like who? Well, Criss shared that Vanessa Lengies, Sam Larsen and Harry Shum will all make appearances. And all that cameo action gets him pretty excited.

"Well I got to say on a personal note, it's nice to have the kids back because I miss my friends. Frankly it's nice when you see Lea [Michele] come back or on set because we're so separated ... I run into Lea or Naya [Rivera ] or Chris [Colfer, who plays Kurt] and these are people who are in New York. Even though they're a stage a way, I'm like 'What have you been up to?' I miss hanging out with my pals. I don't know how they all come back ... There have been some characters who have been in and out of 'Glee' world, I think some of the fans know who I'm talking about, for reasons beyond my comprehension, but they come back. We got a full team."