Selena Gomez's 'Come & Get It' Wardrobe Had To Be 'Sensual'

'When Anthony came on board, he was really ... wanting me to have a little bit more control,' she says of director's take on her video looks.

Since Tuesday night's premiere of "Come & Get it" was the first in over a year for Selena Gomez, she wanted to make sure the video was everything she hoped it would be.

The pop star set the tone early on with her performances of the track. The single, inspired by Bollywood and Bhangra beats, is the first off her upcoming fourth album. So for the video, Gomez knew that she wanted not only to come off as more mature but also to have more creative control over this new direction she was presenting to her fans.

Teaming up with Anthony Mandler— the director has collaborated with everyone from Rihanna to Gomez's on-again, off-again boyfriend, Justin Bieber — the two worked hard to come up with a cinematic theme that fit the song. But when it came time to shoot, Selena took over.

"I think he got mad at me," Gomez said of Mandler during our special "MTV First." "They have the [video] time codes, so I was emailing [changes] back and forth with Anthony and my label. ... But it worked. It was such a collaboration and he really did a great job."

One thing Mandler was happy to let Gomez take complete control of was her wardrobe, which ranged from a sleek, black corset dress to what appears to be the chiffon Marco Marco ensemble she sported for her 2013 MTV Movie Awards performance.

"I worked with my stylist that I've had since I was 15, and when Anthony came on board he was really supportive of wanting me to have a little bit more control with it when it came to the fashion end of it," Gomez explained. "And that [black] dress was actually a last-minute dress because I was wanting it to be more long-sleeved. But with the field and everything and the setting, [Mandler] wanted it to be a little more sensual. I get it: it's a beautiful dress and I definitely love the pop with my hair."