Locksmith Thinks Outside The Green Box On New Mixtape

Up-and-coming California MC tells Mixtape Daily his latest project is 'my most personal work.'

Main Pick

Headliner: Locksmith

Representing: Richmond, California

Mixtape: The Green Box

Real Spit: Locksmith always had grand expectations. These days the Richmond, California, lyricist strives to leave an indelible mark on the rap game, but when he was younger, all he wanted to do was hang out by the big electrical green box outside of his home.

With that simple childhood dream, Locksmith found the inspiration for his newest project, The Green Box which will drop on Iamlock.com on Tuesday.

"This is probably my most personal work," he told Mixtape Daily of the project, which features all original production. "It's a glimpse of who Locksmith is as a person, as a young man growing up and my journey to becoming who I am now."

On "Stand It," Lock bears his soul over a mellow 9th Wonder-produced groove. The Persian MC raps of his hardships growing up, while trying to discover who he really is. "Fighting with my childhood, other n---as would pester him/ I swear to God I even thought I was Mexican," he raps open and honestly.

As Lock got a little older, he'd look up to the neighborhood hustlers, who would set up shop by the green box. It's a recurring theme on the tape. "When I listened to the songs I was like, 'Yo this album is kinda describing where I came from and my progression and who I am now. What's the best way to symbolize that? Going back to my neighborhood, Crescent Park, Richmond, California and taking that symbol which is the green box," he said.

Joints to check for

» "Stand It" -- "It's produced by 9th Wonder. I went down to North Carolina and I got a chance to get in the studio and work with 9th Wonder... It was an incredible experience."

» "Finish Line" -- "It's featuring my man Big Remo. It's a dope song, it really reflects Richmond, California and the whole vibe of the album."