Will Iron Man Return In Another Movie?

With the third installment closing this story arc, where is there left for Tony Stark to go?

This article discusses the ending of "Iron Man 3" and its implications, so SPOILER ALERT.

You may have noticed something strange about the ending of "Iron Man 3," namely that it had one at all.

It's not the style of a superhero movie — especially ones that were predicted to take in between $150 and $175 million in their domestic opening weekend — to close the doors on its main character like "Iron Man 3" does with Tony Stark, but that's exactly what it did. He doesn't need the arc reactor anymore, and he destroyed all of his Iron Man suits. It's like if Batman burned down the batcave without finding a replacement at the end of "The Dark Knight Rises."

So what does the ending of "Iron Man 3" and the conclusion of Tony's story mean for Marvel Studios and the character's role in "Avengers 2"? Since the after-credits scene didn't toss out a tease for a future film, all the audience has to rely on is a vague text-on-screen promise that "Iron Man will return."

To that effect, Iron Man certainly will return in "Avengers 2," but "Iron Man 4" is far from a sure thing. Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, Marvel and director Shane Black made "Iron Man 3" the conclusion to a trilogy. The story of Tony Stark that started in a cave is now over, and so is, at the very least, this leg of Iron Man's standalone films.

n an interview with SuperHeroHype, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige explained what the near future holds for Tony Stark. "Currently, as you may imagine, Iron Man is a big part of 'Avengers 2' and that's what we're focusing on and what Joss [Whedon] is focusing on," he said. "So where we go after that remains to be seen, but certainly, 'Avengers 2' being the next appearance, the next storyline for Iron Man."

Feige goes onto the explain that he does believe that there will be another Iron Man movie, but that he doesn't know when that will happen or who it will star, hinting at the series' other big question mark: Robert Downey, Jr. As the star has made abundantly clear in a several recent interviews, including his recent appearance on the Daily Show, he's currently renegotiating his contract with the studio.

Will we see Robert Downey, Jr. return as Iron Man? Almost definitely. As the man behind Iron Man, he's arguably one of the main factors for the success of the Marvel movies, but we'll have to wait a few more years to see whether the future holds another standalone movie from him as Tony Stark.

Do you see Tony Stark returning for another "Iron Man" movie?