Thirty Seconds To Mars Release Epic, Elemental 'Conquistador' Lyric Video

Mars continues the wide-screen feel of their 'Up in the Air' lyric vid in the new clip.

Thirty Seconds To Mars have already proved that they're capable of elevating the usually staid "lyric video" to new heights — both literally and figuratively — with their epic, aptly named "Up in the Air" clip.

And now, they're carrying on that lofty tradition with another text-based video, this one for the LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS track "Conquistador." Like the "Air" video, this one relies exclusively on stunning, wide-screen imagery — swirling storm-fronts and tidal surges, driving rain and crackling lightning, animals straining in slo-motion — though this one isn't quite as ephemeral. Instead, it's powerful, primal pounding along in time with the song's massive guitars, stabbing strings and thundering drums.

"This is a fight to the death!" Jared Leto declares on the chorus, and as the song crashes and careens around him, that sentiment seems oddly fitting. And when paired with the elemental imagery, the point is driven home with the subtlety of a sledgehammer: This is Thirty Seconds To Mars at their biggest, their baddest ... and anyone who's a fan of the band knows that's no small statement, either.

After watching the "Up in the Air" lyric video, we declared it to be "as good as any actual music video you're likely to see any time soon." And then Mars followed that up with the equally epic "Air" short film. Will "Conquistador" get the same wide-screen treatment? We can't say for sure ... though, based on this lyric clip alone, it certainly deserves it.