Psy Breaks Down 'Gentleman' Video, Frame By Frame

Psy shares the secrets to his latest hit, including nods to 'Gangnam Style' and a whole lot of stupidity.

By now, you've heard Psy complain that the week he released his smash hit "Gentleman" was "the worst ever" and call himself "an a--hole" in the music video.

But you probably don't know the backstory behind the video itself ... and, frankly, neither did we. So we sat down with Psy as he watched the "Gentleman" clip, and broke it down for us, frame-by-frame. And right off the bat, he shared what he believes to the the true secret to its success.

"This is the first time I've gotten to say my reaction to my video, and, wow, he's an a--hole. And he thinks he's sexy," Psy laughed. "[It's] so stupid. And now, we're dancing at the library, [so it's] stupid in a row. I love that!"

Stupidity aside, there are plenty of nods to his other huge hit, "Gangnam Style" — "We shot this in multiple shops, and they are all in [the] Gangnam [District]," Psy said — and the Korean music scene ... including the inclusion of the so-called "Arrogant Dance" made popular by K-Pop group Brown Eyed Girls.

"The dance is called 'Arrogant Dance,' and it's a dance plus an attitude. It's new moves to the world, but in Korea, a girl group did it before, and it was very famous," Psy explained. "So I thought 'Oh, we have a lot of catchy moves in K-Pop, so I can remake it and bring it to the world.' The group's name was Brown Eyed Girls, and one of the girls is in this video."

And while "Gentleman" doesn't feature quite as many, uh, assets as "Gangnam," Psy said he considers his new clip to be a worthy successor ... mostly because, well, it's 10 times dumber than its forbearer.

"Oh man, I can't believe I did a lot of this," he said. "It's so stupid."