'Glee' Opens Hidden Portal To McKinley High? Darren Criss Investigates!

'The kids magically show up in Lima, Ohio, all the time,' Criss tells MTV News. 'How they fund that, I have no idea. They're college kids.'

With only two episodes left before season four of "Glee" wraps up, Darren Criss admits that no one, especially not the cast, knew what would happen when the show changed up formats.

With some of the crew left in Lima, including Criss' Blaine, and other Gleeks scattered around the country, anything was possible for the latest incarnation of the series. Fans feared they wouldn't see much of the McKinley High vets around the school's hallowed halls — but, they were wrong.

With almost the entire season behind him, Criss admits that he's not sure how all that cross-country travel has been budgeted into the lives of the show's characters. "Kids are in college now, and it has added a new dimension to the show, but I think everyone does miss having everyone together, which is why the kids magically show up in Lima, Ohio, all the time," he told MTV News. "How they fund that, I have no idea. They're college kids."

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However, Criss has a theory as to how they are managing all that travel: "They're always back. Presumably there's some hidden, underground something or another that just straight shoots to Lima, Ohio," he joked.

New York, where Rachel and Kurt live, is "not very close," he added: "Look at a map. Those are very far away. That's a long drive, not to mention an expensive plane ride. It's TV! Come on!"

In addition to splitting up the crew, the show also welcomed a handful of new players. Criss has been dazzled by what they have brought to the show, singing the praises of Jacob Artist, Melissa Benoist, Becca Tobin and Dean Geyer.

"It's been fun to have new life. That's sort of been my tagline all season," he said. "Having these new kids has been fantastic, and I'm not just saying this for PR reasons. I really, really like these kids, and everyone is quite fond of them.

"I hope the fans have reacted to them the same way we have," he added. "I know people tend to really hold on to the beginning of things, and if it's not the way that they got into it, then it's not the way to be, which is a pretty negative way to look at it. I think they offer a lot of new life to the show. They're very talented. It drives me nuts how talented they are. I think they're interesting."

Well, fans will get to know the characters better, because "Glee" has been renewed for two more seasons. The show's season finale airs May 9 on Fox.

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