DJ Khaled Honored By Obama's Salute To 'All I Do Is Win'

'It represents winners, and Obama's a winner,' Khaled tells MTV News after White House Correspondents' Dinner shout-out.

President Obama has always been transparent about his affinity for hip-hop, but there was no more brazen display of his passion for the culture than when he entered Saturday night's White House Correspondents' Dinner to DJ Khaled's 2010 anthem "All I Do Is Win." For Khaled, that moment was certainly a milestone.

"Obama, I see you, and I appreciate you," Khaled said into the camera when MTV News caught up with him Tuesday night at the Gig It launch party in New York.

"'All I Do Is Win' is one of the biggest anthems of all time, I think, and it's a timeless record," he said of the monster hit that features T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop and Rick Ross. "It represents winners, and Obama's a winner, I'm a winner, you're a winner. And it represents the people, and it's love and excitement, so shout-out to Obama."

Khaled, with his upcoming album Suffering From Success due in this year, isn't one to downplay his achievements. Regarding whether he plans to translate that moment into an album skit, the answer was obvious: "I mean, I got to. I gotta utilize that with We the Best brand just getting bigger," he responded. "I got some things up my sleeve, so be ready for my new album."

Khaled's latest single from the album, "No New Friends," is the remix of Drake's hit "Started From the Bottom," which includes verses from Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. Earlier this year, the YMCMB signee explained that his LP's title was inspired by a doctor's visit, where his physician prescribed medicine for an ailment, then told him, "Son, you're suffering from success."

"It opened my mind up to say success comes with stress and happiness," he explained. "So, when I'm leaving the doctor's office, driving home, I was like, 'That's gonna be the name of my new album: Suffering From Success.' "

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