'The Voice' Knocks Out Half Of Team Adam And Team Shakira

Michael Jackson's former background singer Judith Hill forges for Team Adam and Team Shakira's Sasha proves she's a 'frontrunner.'

"The Voice" contestants came ready to rumble during Tuesday night's knockout rounds. At this stage of the competition, coaches are forced to cut their eight-member teams in half ahead of the upcoming live rounds.

Adam Levine and Shakira's teams were the first to face the axe. There weren't too many surprises, for the most part, but some underdogs did make their voices heard.

Check out some of the stand-out moments:

Team Adam

No Brainer

Almost anyone who faces Judith Hill has their work cut out for them. Not only does she have clout for being Michael Jackson's former backup singer, but she has the chops to back it up. Hill impressed judges with her "brilliant" song choice of Willie Nelson's "Always on My Mind," stepping out of her comfort zone to show her range. Her contender, Orlando Dixon, fought hard with KC and Jojo's "All My Life" but fell short at winning over the coaches. He did get a pat on the back by Levine for being a "great guy."

The Horse Whisperer

Both Warren Stone and Sarah Simmons have the ability to connect to lyrics and it was the reason Levine paired the two for knock outs. Country singer Stone stepped out of his box to sing an emotional rendition of "(I Just) Died in your Arms," while Simmons took on the Rolling Stones' "Wild Horses." Shelton commended Stone for his stellar sound but the coaches sang unanimous praise for Simmons. Levine spoke of the je ne c'est quoi "perfection" to Simmons' voice and Shakira really thought there were "wild horses galloping" through her throat. It must have been a compliment, because Simmons won.

Team Shakira

One Bad Choice

It was a surprise pairing, that of Kris Thomas and Mary Miranda. Both seemed to be shoe-ins for Shakira's final four but alas there they were, both pretty as ever, fighting for their spot. The female-sounding R&B crooner sang "What a Wonderful World," shocking coaches with a strong falsetto ending. "The fact that you're a dude and have that range is crazy," Levine pointed out. Mary, on the other hand, made the fatal mistake of choosing an ill-fitting song -- The Police's "Every Breath You Take." The Cuban-born songstress had won coaches' hearts with her Latin pop diva potential, with Usher noting "The Mary in the last round was missing." The poor choice also showed her inexperience and for that reason Shakira opted for Thomas.

A Steal Worth Making

When Shakira beat Usher and stole Sasha Allen from Team Adam, no one expected her to be the wild card, but boy did she surprise everyone. The gorgeous singer's sultry performance of "At Last" had the audience on their feet, with her angelic smile and "Dream Girls" vibe winning the night. Not only did Shakira get "goosebumps ... twice," Levine and Usher were kicking themselves for letting her go. "Man am I a dumb idiot," Levine said. Unfortunately, anything Shawna P (her contender) did after that was useless. Shelton put it best when he told Allen, "You've positioned yourself a frontrunner."

When the night ended, Levine had a team of four strong female vocalists and Shakira had an eclectic group of artists to move forward to the live rounds.

Their final teams are:

Team Adam:

Amber Carrington

Caroline Glaser

Judith Hill

Sarah Simmons

Team Shakira:

Garrett Gardner

Kris Thomas

Sasha Allen

Karina Iglesias