Hunter Hayes Says 'I Want Crazy' (And Gets It) In New Music Video

'It's about the crazy things you do for someone when you're crazy about them,' Hayes says about the new music video.

Hunter Hayes recently revealed that his favorite track off his June album release, Encore, is "I Want Crazy." Well, on Monday, Hayes dropped the music video for his choice album cut, giving fans some insight into what it might be like to be Hayes' leading lady.

The video follows the 21-year-old country singer and his sometimes teary-eyed love interest as they throw caution to the wind, trying to make time for one another, even when Hayes has to be away from home.

"The video is about a long-distance relationship and the toughness of having a long-distance relationship, 'cause that's what kind of the song is about," Hayes said in the latest episode of "For the Love of Music." "It's about the crazy things you do for someone when you're crazy about them."

Hayes opens up about filming the video, which took place during a break in his tour with Carrie Underwood, noting that shooting the video was almost as difficult as the long-distance romance captured in the clip. "It was very crazy, it was out of control at some points," he recalled in the video. "This was my acting debut, really. This was my first time really getting into a character."

He continued, "It was awkward to act with someone I've never really met but that's acting, so I guess it was just hard to act. But I guess I related to this 'cause I relate to the song. I wrote the song and I guess that's kind of what I kept going back to."

And while the video is meant to be sunny, the weather didn't want to cooperate for what he describes as a "summer song." "The biggest issue with shooting the video was we kind of shot it on a day when it was 40 [degrees] and raining," he said. "That was bad timing."

Encore hits stores on June 18.