Psy On 'Gentleman's' Record-Setting Music Video: 'I'm An A--hole'

'It's nasty,' Psy says of his 'Gentleman' video, which has shattered YouTube records since being released.

Sure, Psy can bask in the success of "Gentleman" now — after all, he survived the "worst time ever" just to finish it. But now, with a few weeks to marinate on it, what does he think is the secret to the song's smash status? Well, it all starts with the music video ... and getting in touch with his inner a--hole.

"Yeah, in that video, I'm an a--hole. Excuse my language, but I cannot say anything else, I'm an a--hole. But he keeps saying I'm a gentleman!" Psy laughed. "When I am composing a song and making a video, I really love that kind of twist; if I make a video where I keep saying 'I'm a gentleman,' and you know, I'm being [polite], that's not going to be fun. I want a twist.

"But sometimes the twist is too much," he continued. "Like, after seeing the video, there are some things that are too much, like, farting, that's too much, I know that. It's nasty."

Indeed, the scene in which Psy breaks wind into his cupped hand and drops it in an unsuspecting female's face probably is too much, but that's precisely the point. Because like his smash hit "Gangam Style" — which poked fun at residents of a wealthy South Korean district — "Gentleman" is a wry bit of social commentary, too ... one that skews the idea of gentlemanly behavior all in the name of fun. And, of course, getting wet.

"It's a song about telling to a lady that you're a gentleman ... I keep saying I'm a gentleman, but it's not enough, so I'm also saying 'I'm going to make you sweat, I'm going to make you wet,'" Psy said. "I am saying 'Wet Psy!' — like a lot of hip-hoppers saying 'West Side!' — And then I keep saying 'I'm a gentleman.' I'm convincing a woman over and over that I'm a gentleman, but sometimes I'm wet."

Makes sense to us.

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