Mac Miller And Corey Feldman's 'S.D.S.' Beef, Frame By Frame: Watch!

Co-stars (and fictional enemies) break down Miller's latest video for MTV News.

We'd like to imagine that Mac Miller and Corey Feldman could be good friends, and maybe that's the case in real life, but when the unlikely pair suit up, their alter-egos have a hard time getting along.

Last Wednesday, Mac released the music video for his new Watching Movies with the Sound Off single "S.D.S.," and in the clip, he gets superpowers, turns into S.D.S. Man and does battle with the villainous Red Dot (played by Feldman). But why can't they all just get along?

"Red Dot was jealous of his pimpin'," Miller told MTV News on Friday with a smile.

In the video, after a lab-experiment-gone-wrong leaves Mac and his bulldog with superpowers and a quilted costume, the rapper hits the streets, stops a robbery and then hangs out in a brothel run by Red Dot. "This little Mac Miller kid dumps down there and decides that he wants to get friendly with one of our local residents," Feldman explained when we spoke to him in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Upset with S.D.S. Man, Red Dot karate-chops him, kidnaps him and brings him back to his cave-like lair, where he has official props from the 1960s "Batman" television series.

Miller doesn't remember much about filming the final battle scene; he was a bit under the weather. "During that shoot, I was really, really sick the whole time. It's a little blurry for me for what actually happened," he said.

In fact, S.D.S. Man's orange fanny pack contained Mac's eye drops, nasal spray, cold medicine, his keys and his wallet, if Feldman remembers correctly.

Though hazy, S.D.S. manages to defeat Red Dot, sending him free-falling through a fiery lava pit, but he couldn't quite finish the villain off. In the video's closing scene, Red Dot emerges from the pits of hell, leaving us to question S.D.S. Man's strength. "This is his first day as a superhero — let's cut him a little slack. He's trying," the rapper quipped.