Psy Says Releasing ‘Gentleman’ Was ‘The Worst Time Ever

'That week was like hell' Psy says of releasing his record-setting follow-up to 'Gangnam Style.'

When Psy released his brand-new single “Gentleman” earlier this month, he didn’t really have time to think about the daunting task of following up one of the hugest hits of all time … shoot, he didn’t really have time to think about anything.

“I released it on April 12, and on April 13 I had a huge concert in Korea … so that week, it was like hell,” he told MTV News. “On Friday, I had to release the single, and on Saturday, I had to release the video, and I had to do a 50,000-person stadium concert. And that same week, on Monday and Tuesday, I did the shooting [of the ’Gentleman’ video]. And I was done with the shooting on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, we were editing, and I was rehearsing and I was memorizing all the choreography. So that week was like the worst time ever in my life.”

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Of course, we suspect his outlook improved slightly in the days following the premiere of “Gentleman,” as it shattered the record for most YouTube views in a single day, and, in just two weeks, has racked up a staggering 230 million views in total. Sure, it’s still got a ways to go before it can catch the billion-plus views of “Gangnam Style” but Psy’s biggest fear has already been vanquished: No one can call him a One-Hit Wonder anymore.

“I honestly changed this song so many times until the very last moment. I was not excited, I was terrible; I was so nervous,” he said. “My only goal was to avoid being called a One-Hit Wonder. So that was a very nervous moment right before the premiere; and in two weeks, with 230 million views, I’m not a One-Hit Wonder. I’m really happy and relieved about that!”

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