Boston Bombings Linked To Hip-Hop? Slaine Doesn't 'Buy' It

'Millions and millions and millions of kids listen to hip-hop and don't blow up bombs,' rapper/actor tells MTV News.

Slaine isn't shy when it comes to showing love for his native Boston. The rapper/actor starred alongside Ben Affleck in the Beantown-centered 2010 crime drama "The Town," and his latest LP, The Boston Project, is an overall celebration of the city's hip-hop talents.

So when terror struck at the Boston Marathon on April 15, Slaine was affected. He was especially bothered after media outlets tied deceased bomber Tamerian Tsarnaev to hip-hop culture based on the music he listened to.

"I actually saw on CNN that they had his YouTube page and he had a Heavy Metal Kings video up with Vinnie [Paz] and Ill Bill," Slaine told MTV News on Thursday. "Those are both people that I work with directly. Those dudes are brothers to me."

Vinnie Paz is an underground Philadelphia MC, and Ill Bill records in the rap group La Coka Nostra with Slaine, Danny Boy and DJ Lethal. "I don't think there is any correlation when somebody commits a heinous act like that and to the music they listen to. I just don't buy it," he said. "Millions and millions and millions of kids listen to hip-hop and don't blow up bombs at public events to kill innocent women and children."

While Slaine typically attends the Boston Marathon, he has been busy recording and decided to skip it, but the tragedy was still very real to him. "I didn't go, but my son went with his mother, and they were watching his aunt run the marathon, so they were cheering maybe a mile from the finish line," he said.

Thankfully, Slaine's family was OK, but his city is still healing and searching for answers. "How many dudes are there, what's going on? We still don't really know the answer to that, to tell you the truth," he said.

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