Justin Bieber Takes On The Paparazzi In 'Believe' Film Scene

Director Jon Chu tells The Los Angeles Times how the movie release has 'evolved' since earlier this year.

While Justin Bieber is on tour, taking his Believe show around the world, director Jon Chu is hard at work putting the finishing touches on his next big-screen release with the teen star.

The film, currently billed as "Believe," is being helmed by "Never Say Never" director Chu, who recently gave The Los Angeles Times a sneak peek at one of the scenes in the film.

In the scene, filmed in L.A. last summer, Bieber — all dressed up in a suit — runs around a warehouse trying to avoid paparazzi-like characters. The scene features his 2012 song "She Don't Like the Lights," which is all about a woman who doesn't like the media attention she gets when she heads out on the town with Bieber.

That song's theme inspired the moment, Chu said. "It just evolved from there," he explained. "We thought it'd be fun to have a secret service team — a special-ops unit — going after him with cameras."

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Back in February, Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, told MTV News that the follow-up to "Never Say Never" would play out more like a traditional concert film than a concert/documentary like the 2011 movie. But Chu said the film's concept has evolved since filming one of his January concerts in Miami.

"It started as just a concert movie, but we've got so many other things now," Chu said. "We have footage of him writing the first song for his next album on a piece of paper with a pencil. Blank page, erasing, writing. That's where it starts."

MTV News recently got the scoop on those writing sessions from Braun, who revealed that Bieber has been writing his "music journals" throughout his world tour. "Well, I don't ever disclose what our plans are, but I will say this: he's been writing one to two songs a day for the entire tour and he actually labels them by the city he writes them in," he explained earlier this week. "We started calling it his 'music journal' and we're talking about what should come next musically. And I think creatively he just wants to share all his thoughts through music."

Chu added that there are no plans yet for when or how the film will be released, but added, "It's almost about a boy becoming an artist rather than a boy's life. Because his artistry is his life now."