Tupac, Snoop, Suge Knight Go Parasailing... This Has Got To Be Good

Snoop Lion tells 'RapFix Live' how he was almost fed to the sharks by his Death Row pal.

Stop us if you've already heard this one: Tupac, Snoop Dogg and Suge Knight go parasailing... OK, so maybe you haven't. On Wednesday Snoop Lion came up to "RapFix Live" and recalled the crazy story between the three former Death Row juggernauts.

It all started when the crew vacationed in Belize after Snoop beat his 1993 murder trial. The ordeal was no doubt stressful, so to blow off a little steam, Pac and Snoop decided to go parasailing, leaving Suge at the wheel. "We take off in the air and the boat is rolling. We're in the middle of the sea and this n---a Suge Knight, pulls down [the lever] to make our parasail drop right in the water like where Jaws is at or Orca," Snoop recalled with laughter.

Knight continued to lift the two gangsta rap stars in and out of the water, causing a panic. "To me, that was like the craziest story because we're both looking in each other's eyes like, 'This n---a could kill us right now if he wants too,' " Snoop said.

Not all of Suge and Snoop's interactions were so fun. There was a time after the rapper split from Death Row, when he and his former label CEO were at odds. Through the years, a number of threats were hurled, but in February, the two were photographed together at a club in Los Angeles, marking the end to their long-standing beef. "That's my partner. I love Suge Knight, I always loved him, even when he was trippin' on me, that's why ain't nothin' happen to him because I never pursued it," Snoop said. "I was basically walking in faith that I knew nothing was going to happen to me if I didn't push nothing his way.

"We had many conversations; we met behind closed doors and just chopped up game and reminisced on the real love; that's what overwhelms everything."