'American Idol' Top Four Survive, Keep The 'Family' Together For One More Week

After Thursday night's surprise reprieve, the 'Idol' top four vow to keep the family vibe alive.

The shocking twist on Thursday night's "American Idol" wasn't Drake's cameo, but rather, the revelation that no one was going home, meaning the top four would remain intact for another week.

And sure, anyone who realized there was an extra week in the "Idol" production schedule probably could have seen this coming, but apparently Candice Glover — who, along with Amber Holcomb, was in the bottom two — wasn't paying attention ... because boy, was she relieved to learn she'd earned a reprieve.

"I was just hoping for the best and saying a prayer as fast as I could," she told MTV News backstage, following the show. "And when they said none of us was going home, I burst into tears."

For the record, Holcomb wasn't quite as surprised ("I said nobody was going home before the show," she laughed), but, as viewers no doubt saw, Glover got emotional, and had to be comforted by the "Idol" judges.

"They just told me be true to who I am, and don't let anything shake me," she said. "[They told me] to continue to be myself, like I've been doing, and don't let other people's comments sway me from what I've been doing, because that's what's got me this far."

And Glover will continue to do her thing next week ... with the vote totals from this week being added to the tally, and the lowest vote-getter going home. And while she's certainly got her work cut out for her if she wants to survive, her fellow "Idol" hopefuls are determined to enjoy this extra week — and the opportunity to keep the family together for one more show.

"We have the best time ever working on the group numbers; these girls are like family, we love being together," Angie Miller said. "I'm so glad to be with them for another week, and I can't wait to figure out what we're going to sing together."

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