The Wanted's 'Rihanna' Song Gets Them Artist-On-Artist Action

The Wanted's new single may be called 'She Walks Like Rihanna,' which puts them in a pretty exclusive club.

Professional pop provocateurs the Wanted may be at it again with their new single.

Of course, while we won't know the name of said single until the guys unveil it on Friday, there are plenty of reports that suggest it's called "She Walks Like Rihanna," and supposedly contains the line "She can't sing/She can't dance/But who cares?/She walks like Rihanna."

A spokesperson for the band did not respond to MTV News' request for comment about the song, but, if that really is its title, well, it carries on the recent trend of tunes name-checking a big-time star — think Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger" and Drake's "Girls Love Beyonce" — and while we're not sure if RiRi will be flattered to be included in that club, she's not alone. For years now, folks have been paying tribute (or poking fun at) artists in their songs ... in fact, you could make a pretty killer party playlist out of some recent ones.

"Barbra Streisand," Duck Sauce: We're not sure what Babs has to do with the song, but it's ridiculously catchy and the video features a lookalike rowing a boat in Central Park, a Kanye cameo and Diplo falling out of a window. Good enough for us!

"Brian Eno," MGMT: Prime slab of weirdo psych-rock from MGMT's equally odd Congratulations album, it honors Eno's genius — "We're always one step behind him," Andrew VanWyngarden sings — and dubs him "the prophet of a sapphire soul." Far out, man.

"Buddy Holly," Weezer: Even without the Spike-Jonze directed video — which, no big deal, is probably one of the 10 greatest clips of all time — this one probably would have been a hit. From the vocal harmonies to the silly solos, it's darn-near perfect. Kinda makes us wish Weezer still wrote songs like this, actually.

"Clint Eastwood," Gorillaz: Not a musician, you say? Perhaps you've never heard 1963's Clint Eastwood Sings Cowboy Favorites ... or any of the scores Eastwood has written for his films over the years. Oh, also, this song is awesome.

"I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl," Wavves: We all know that Grohl's the coolest guy in rock, and so great are his powers that he's even able to convince Nathan Williams — a guy who was supposedly cultivating his own strain of weed — to get out of bed. That's no small accomplishment.

"Justin Bieber," Lil B: We have no idea why the Based God decided to pay homage to the Beebs, either, but it's probably best to stop trying to figure out B's motives and give yourself over to the song's sublime goofiness, particularly the part where he lets it be known that "Justin Bieber is my cousin."

"Tim McGraw," Taylor Swift: It's the song that introduced Taylor to the world, and though it's not actually about McGraw (rather, one of his songs, "Can't Tell Me Nothin'"), it also marks her first foray into littering songs with references to her exes. As if you had to tell that to Jake Gyllenhaal.

"Tupac Back," Meek Mill feat. Rick Ross: Sure, over the past few years, 'Pac has been resurrected as a hologram and an unwitting duet partner, but this song, from the MMG's Self Made Vol. 1 is by far the most fitting tribute to his legacy, as Ross and Mill quote his most memorable lines and pay homage to his memorable swagger.

Any of your favorites fail to make the cut? Let us know in the comments below.