Justin Bieber Slams 'Rumors' After Swedish Tour Bus Bust

'Some of the rumors about me ... where do people get this stuff,' Bieber tweets.

Whether it's reports that he got a tattoo
 of former love Selena Gomez on his arm, or that his tour bus was raided in Stockholm, Justin Bieber is sick of the gossip.

In the midst of a European tour, Bieber took some time early Thursday morning (April 25) to make a statement about ... something. "Some of the rumors about me ... where do people even get this stuff," he tweeted. "Whatever ... back to the music."

Though it's unclear if the two were related, the tweet came just hours after news broke that police in Stockholm had raided Bieber's tour bus
 while the singer was onstage in the city and found marijuana and a Taser. According to reports, no one was on the bus at the time and it's unlikely that anyone will be charged in the incident.

Justin Bieber has how many new songs written in his journal?

The police incident is just the latest mini-scandal to dog Bieber, whose current tour has been plagued by stories about scuffles with paparazzi, a media firestorm about his Anne Frank
 comments and the apparent abandonment of his pet monkey at an airport quarantine checkpoint.

Frankly, it's just par for the course for one of the world's biggest teen stars, according to manager Scooter Braun. "He's incredibly busy and I just left the road to come here," Braun said earlier this week before news of the Stockholm incident broke. "And he's in a really good place and he's just onstage and then he just goes back home, literally writes songs, hangs out. He's just a normal kid, having a good time and you know I think a lot of people have been taking shots lately. But, I think, he'll overcome that and long term people will see what it is and he'll express himself in the music."

And while it's unclear what Bieber was referring to with his cryptic "rumors" tweet, the singer is clearly not dwelling on the stories. Shortly after he added a few more mysterious tweets, including "I love music" and "I love lamp," as well as a link to the video for his new video with Ludacris for "All Around the World," noting "now gonna get some rest."