Justin Bieber Tour Bus Raided By Swedish Police In Pot Bust

Officials reportedly find a small amount of marijuana on singer's bus during Stockholm tour stop, no charges expected.

After an officer reportedly detected the telltale smell of marijuana wafting from Justin Bieber’s tour bus in Stockholm, Sweden, on Wednesday night, they boarded the vehicle a short time later and allegedly found a small amount of the drug.

According to Swedish paper Aftonbladet a spokesperson for the Stockholm police department confirmed that around 7:10 p.m. local time an officer detected the smell of pot around Bieber’s bus, which was parked outside of the Grand Hotel. After the bus left the hotel on its way to the singer’s show at the Globe Arena, the officer contacted the narcotics unit, which issued a warrant to search the vehicle.

“A colleague felt a strong smell of marijuana, like someone had been smoking in the bus,” a press officer for the Stockholm PD told the paper.

An hour after Bieber took the stage, police searched the empty bus in the parking garage and found a small amount of narcotics, which local papers reported was marijuana, as well as a taser. At press time, no suspect has been identified yet and the bus was not impounded.

A spokesperson for Bieber declined to comment on the matter, but an unnamed source close to the singer’s crew told the paper that “panic” broke out when police — who also demanded access to Bieber’s dressing room — raided the bus. “A couple of dancers started running around screaming ‘No weed!’ and another member of Bieber’s crew yelled, ‘S—, the stash!’” a source said.

After the show, Bieber moved on to his next gig in Helsinki/

At press time, TMZ reported that police do not expect to charge anyone because they don’t know who was in possession of the drug, which was found on the floor of the bus.

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