Miguel Recalls When He 'Fell In Love' With Mariah Carey

But he won't tell MTV News whether rumors of their recent collaboration are true.

Music fans might want to sit down for this: The rumor mill is spinning in overdrive that Miguel and Mariah Carey have cooked up some sweet R&B goodness for her in-the-works studio album.

Following the trail to how the rumor started takes a bit of sleuthing, and Miguel doesn't seem quite ready to elaborate. "Rumor mills? I don't know why fans would put that together. I don't know," he told MTV News on Tuesday at the Time 100 Gala.

The speculation has been fueled by tweets sent out by the parties involved. The origin of the rumor dates back to April 3, when Mariah tweeted about the R&B crooner's "SNL" appearance, sharing that she had recently run into him in the studio. Two weeks later, she tweeted she was mixing the album's lead track.

And then it all kicked into high gear Monday when sound mixer Fletcher Allison, who works for video director Joseph Kahn, wrote about being on set with the twosome in a now-deleted tweet. "Working on a Mariah Carey + Miguel video for the man Joseph Kahn," he wrote. "Wouldn't trade this for 1,000 Coachellas."

That same day, within a matter of 30 minutes, Kahn and Miguel each tweeted out messages that have some fans wondering if they are somehow related. While Kahn was excited by the cameo, he wouldn't confirm who it's from. "Lets do that again sometime. MOMENTS. So appreciative," the "Adorn" singer shared about, well, something.

And while fans are hyped to know the truth, Miguel won't confirm or deny the speculation anytime soon.

"I think it would sound beautiful. I think it's a great juxtaposition," he shared when asked what dream the collaboration between them would sound like.

He continued, "I mean I fell in love with Mariah Carey when she walked out of the pool in [the 'Honey' video in 1997]. That 'Honey' video, that was it. And I've had a huge crush on her ever since. And, so, if we ever do have a chance, you know all respect to [Carey's husband] Nick [Cannon], all love. I think I have a huge crush more on her as a musician, and I think it would be really great."

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