Hunter Hayes's Cure For Loneliness: Waffles

'Wanted' singer took time from Carrie Underwood tour to answer fans' on CMT Twitter Q&A.

Hunter Hayes was a pretty wanted guy on Twitter this Wednesday, when he hosted a fan Q&A in conjunction with CMT. During the lively discussion, fans asked everything, learning that the 21-year-old singer loves his mom's cooking (all of it), would prefer hamster-sized elephants over the elephant-sized hamster and, that sometimes, he gets a bit lonely.

But, that loneliness only fuels tracks like the new ones they will hear on his forthcoming debut album re-release, Encore, out June 18. "I think we all do at some point," he said of sometimes feeling alone. "But THAT'S where Music comes in..."

Not only does loneliness fuel the music, but so does the impetus to tell the truth about whatever it is he's writing about. The "Wanted" singer explained that's the hardest part of songwriting, "Saying what's REALY in mind W/o holding back."

Speaking of the music, Hayes revealed that he's pumped to drop the video for his new song, "I Want Crazy," off the June album, which he revealed is his favorite song on there, adding, "But 'In A Song' is definitely close 2nd ..."

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But, the fans didn't just want to know about his music, they also wanted to get to know Hayes on a more personal level. So, does he prefer waffles or pancakes? Please note, he revealed, "Waffles! all day long."

So, what about the age-old question of beach or river? He shared, "Beach, it's been a while, missing the Water..."

Well, he probably won't make his way to the beach anytime soon. He's currently on the "Blown Away" tour with Carrie Underwood, and he shared that while on the road in addition to the waves, he also misses his family. But, he said he has found some ways to pass the time on the road, including pre-show rituals. "TONS of warm ups! Gotta be prepared!" he shared.

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