Is Nicki Minaj Influencing The 'American Idol' Finalists' Style And Song Choice?

'We definitely listen to her because she's huge in the mainstream world right now,' says Angie Miller.

Nicki Minaj is a force of nature. Whatever you think of her tenure so far as an "American Idol" judge, the outspoken, fashion fast-forward rap diva has made it clear that she has some very specific ideas about how the remaining top four women can transform themselves into potential chart-toppers.

MTV News recently asked Amber Holcomb, Candice Glover, Kree Harrison and Angie Miller what impact Minaj's critiques and fashion advice have had on their run in the top 10. Though she may be polarizing for some viewers, when it comes to this year's finalists, Minaj is the go-to voice of reason. Whether its compliments about Kree's shoes, repeated suggestions to Miller to stay at the piano or pleas with Holcomb to switch up her lipstick, Nicki, it seems, knows.

Glover: "I've always been a plain Jane, so if it was up to me I'd sing in a white T-shirt and some jeans every week. But I thinks she's preparing people for the real world and how to look and the look that's in now. I really appreciate her comments and stuff about that. I think she's inspired me to not really care about what America thinks. Because obviously Nicki doesn't care what anybody thinks about her. She's gonna do her regardless. And I think she's definitely inspired me to do the same thing."

Holcomb: "She just points out everything that I wanted to do. Like pink lipstick? I've always wanted to wear [it], but I never felt like I could pull it off ... I love her. She's really nice."

Harrison: "Nicki's really great at critiquing. I've always felt that way. Whenever that camera hits her she knows exactly what she feels and I think it's obvious.

I appreciate everything she says. Of course she's got a huge impact on everything."

Miller: "I love how she speaks her mind. I love how she just doesn't hold back and she says everything. I feel like I, and all of us, we definitely listen to her because she's huge in the mainstream world right now, so we definitely listen to her."

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