Vampire Weekend And Steve Buscemi Befuddle Tourists In Exclusive Clip

VW and Buscemi get the word out about the band's "American Express Unstaged" concert on April 28.

No matter how busy Steve Buscemi may be, family comes first.

Yes, ever since he learned he was a distant cousin of Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio, Buscemi has been working overtime to help the band promote their upcoming Modern Vampires of the City album. And we’re not exaggerating about the “overtime” part.

First, he signed on to direct VW’s “American Express Unstaged” concert on April 28 from NYC’s Roseland Ballroom, then, he took it upon himself get the word out about the big show. Buscemi has handed out flyers — and suffered Sobchak-ian insults — at a Brooklyn bowling alley, dashed into oncoming traffic and even introduced the guys to mayoral candidates, all in the name of family.

And now, in a brand-new clip, Buscemi serves as a de facto tour guide atop one of New York’s iconic Gray Line buses, belting out a few bars from the new Vampire Weekend song “Step” and telling befuddled tourists — and everyone within shouting distance on the streets of the city — to come see “the Vampire Weekend” at Roseland.

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