Frank Ocean, Miguel Let Their Love Adorn The Time 100 Gala

A-listers hit up New York City on Tuesday to pay homage to this year's list, including Scooter Braun, Jimmy Fallon, more.

NEW YORK — On Tuesday night, some of the brightest luminaries in pop culture, politics and the media descended on Lincoln Center to celebrate the Time 100 list. And while everyone was singing the praises of everyone being honored, MTV News just really wanted to know about who was planning on networking with whom at the splashy fete.

So, we asked some of the night's music-minded attendees just who they have on their collaboration radar.

"The President," Miguel shared with us. "But not necessarily with music. Just to figure out what positive change we can effect, and I think there's a lot of things that stem from a very simple, a very simple thing called family. And I think family is, having a great family, or just two people in the family that help raise a child makes a huge difference on the kind of citizen they become and how competent a citizen they will be. And if there's anything we can do socially, economically or culturally to encourage that or affect that, that's something I'm interested in collaborating for."

Should that collaboration with the President not shake out — he is a pretty busy guy — Justin Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, offered up some assistance in getting some other stuff off the ground for the "Adorn" singer.

"[I'd want to manage] Miguel. I'm friends with [him]. Miguel was singing on Asher Roth's first album, the song 'His Dream.' We go way, way back but he was already signed. But he's an amazing talent and a good friend," he shared, before revealing just how "wild" it is being on the Time list, which honored what the magazine considered to be the most influential people in the world.

"It's completely wild and a complete testament to the people I work with. They're all worldwide acts and just the staff and I get to live out my dream with them," he shared. "And this is just an amazing honor and I'm glad to share it with my mom."

Finally, R&B crooner Frank Ocean was just kind of floored by the myriad of folks from all walks of life who managed to make the cut, including pals like Beyoncé and Jay-Z (the latter of whom got a write-up from Mayor Bloomberg in the issue). "Pretty cool," he said of being honored. "The whole list is pretty rad, a pretty good assortment of folks. A very varied assortment of human beings in all different spaces and cool, very cool."