Ke$ha's 'My Crazy Beautiful Life' Debuts: Sex, Sweat ... And Some Stalking

In the first episode of her new MTV series, Ke$ha takes fans behind the scenes of her 'Crazy Beautiful Life.'

Ke$ha said her new "My Crazy Beautiful Life" series would be raw, and, well, she wasn't exaggerating.

At least based on everything we just saw in the show's debut episode, which aired Tuesday night on MTV, and was packed with sweaty, onstage exploits, boozy backstage encounters, hunts for hunks, dancefloor makeouts, tour bus confessionals, an impassioned rant or two, one very prominent instance of stalking and even some genuinely touching moments of interaction with her fans.

The series — shot by Ke$h's filmmaker brother, Lagan Sebert, opens in April 2011, just as she's launching her first-ever headlining tour, and follows her as she criss-crosses the continent (and heads over to the UK) to perform before ever-growing audiences. The concert footage is shot up-close-and-personal, giving us unprecedented access to each and every one of Ke$ha's glitter-filled pores; and while it's certainly thrilling to watch, the truly compelling moments from this first episode happened offstage ... as we see our star act like anything but.

She crashes at her mother's house following a show, slowly drives by her ex-boyfriend's house in Los Angeles, launches into lengthy tirades against Perez Hilton (from the looks of things, my interview with him from SXSW 2010 may actually become a plot point later in the season), wanders the streets of Scotland in search of a "hot guy with a beard," and, in one truly touching scene, breaks down in tears as a fan confesses that her music has helped save his life.

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We learn that, in addition to being a non-stop party machine, she also considers herself a spokesperson for the outcasts, and she goes in depth about her previous battles with bullies. Sure, she's a wild child, but beneath all that glitter and tangled hair, there beats a truly tender heart. Yes, it was a pretty hectic thirty minutes; but, in a sense, that perfectly sums up everything that was whirling in Ke$ha's life during her AnimalWarrior album, well, things are only going to get more real. And, it would seem, more surreal too.

Ke$ha's 'My Crazy Beautiful Life' airs Tuesdays at 11 p.m. ET/10 p.m. CT on MTV!