'The Voice' Recap: Shakira Teaches Usher A Lesson During Final Battle Round

Usher learns 'never get into an argument with a Latin woman' as the battle rounds come to an end.

Go big or go home. "The Voice" battle rounds came to an end Tuesdsay night with half the night's contestants failing to make it to next week's knockouts. This year's hopefuls represent a diverse range of singers and genres, including folk, rock and Latin.

In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights of Tuesday's episode:

Youth vs. Experience

The age-old question in show business was asked again when 19 year-old Brandon Roush faced off against the oldest contestant in the competition, 45 year-old Shawna P. From the rehearsal stage, Roush had a harder time connecting to their assigned song — Janis Joplin's "Piece of my Heart" — while Shawna was clearly in her element. But once they hit the stage, they sparred as equals. Despite Usher comparing Shawna's voice to "fine wine," coach Shakira struggled with her decision, noting "eagerness on this side, experience on the other." In the end, experience paid off and Shawna P. was declared the winner.

Smooth Sailing

Hawaiian hottie Duncan Kamakana seemed to have it all: a smooth voice, chisled good looks, and simmering eyes that drove the "women crazy," according to Usher. But from the moment Sarah Simmons sang her first note, you knew he was in trouble. "You're one of my favorite singers," Shelton told Simmons, and he meant of all time. The pair sang "Wanted You More" and coach Adam Levine definitely wanted Simmons more, advancing her to the next round.

Don't Mess With the Shakira

Team Shakira's Mary Miranda and Cathia vied for the title of the next big Latin starlet, taking on their coach's song. It seemed Cathia was in shoe-in during rehearsals, especially since Miranda couldn't even remember the lyrics, but when it came time for the battle, both came prepared. Miranda eventually won, only receiving the good news after Shakira put Usher in his place for calling her "narcissistic" for choosing her own song. The Colombian spitfire clarified that she wanted to see if the girls would copy her sound or make it their own. "Never get into an argument with a Latin woman," Usher told the crowd before correcting himself, "wonderful song choice, Shakira." In the end, Cathia got the last laugh when Usher stole her.

Recap (winner vs. loser):

Team Usher: Shawna P. vs. Brandon Roush

Team Adam: Sarah Simmons vs. Duncan Kamacana

Team Usher: Michelle Chamuel vs. Chelsea M.

Team Adam: Amy Whitcomb vs. Agina Alvarez

Team Blake: Justin Rivers vs. The Morgan Twins

Team Shakira: Mary Miranda vs. Cathia (stolen by Usher)