Emma Watson In New 'Bling Ring' Trailer: Watch Now!

'I want to rob,' the 'Harry Potter' alum says in latest preview of Sofia Coppola film.

In anticipation of the upcoming "Bling Ring" premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, a new trailer for the Sofia Coppola-directed flick has made its way online. Unlike the teaser that debuted back in March, this new look at the movie focuses more on its plot than its frenetic energy.

Emma Watson and Israel Broussard are front and center in the trailer as their characters Nicki and Marc reflect on the burglaries they conducted in the Hollywood Hills. This is the nastiest fans have seen Watson, and her Nicki definitely lets her mean-girl nature shine through when she says, "I want to rob." It's a welcome change for Watson, who recently won the Trailblazer Award at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.

"The Bling Ring" is based on true events, so it's no secret that the titular group of thieves was eventually caught. This trailer chronicles the Bling Ring's initial burglaries through their eventual capture and rise to infamy in the media. But it also looks like it will delve into the public's fascination with celebrity and the Hollywood lifestyle in a way similar to Coppola's previous works.

In addition to Watson and Broussard, "The Bling Ring" stars Katie Chang, Taissa Farmiga and Leslie Mann. It's due in theaters in limited release June 14. The film was part of MTV's Sneak Peek Week leading up to the Movie Awards, and we debuted an exclusive clip from the flick that features Watson pole dancing. Watson later told MTV News that she studied Beyoncé's moves for her big scenes.

"Come on, it's obvious it's like the Beyoncé [move]," she said of the arm roll/ shoulder shimmy/ hair flip move that can be seen in the trailer. "I feel like that's a famous thing, no?"

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