Los And Lola Monroe's Baby Is A Taylor Gang Bad Boy

'He got the best of both worlds ... he got two strong families on either side,' Los tells MTV News of son Brixton Royal.

Brixton Royal was born into some pretty exceptional rap circumstances. On March 14, rappers Lola Monroe and Los welcomed their first son into the world, but not only does little man have some pretty loving parents, he has the support of two powerful rap crews thanks to mommy and daddy's respective Taylor Gang and Bad Boy affiliations.

"He came up in the whole essence of the whole Taylor [Gang] thing with Lola over there, so she's Taylor's up. I'm a Bad Boy, he's a Bad Boy. So he got the best of both worlds. He's good. He got two strong families on either side," Los told MTV News last week when he sat with us to talk about his upcoming mixtape, Becoming King.

Brixton was born just a month after Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose welcomed their first son, Sebastian "Bash" Taylor Thomaz, into the world and a little more than five months after Tyga's son, King Cairo Stevenson, was born. The way Los sees it, all the newborns will kick it together in play dates with luxurious toys like baby Maseratis.

"They're gonna hang, but it's gonna be so futuristic how they hang. We ain't gonna be able to keep up," Los said.

On Thursday, Los will drop Becoming King, a new mixtape with all original music. "There's a lot of pressure whenever you make an all-original project because you can't cheat. You can't just use the popular beat that everybody already loves and seduce 'em with that," he told us. "You have to come original; you have to come fresh, organic, so it was like a lot of pressure initially. It was like an album almost, but it's a mixtape."