Reese Witherspoon Skips Late-Night Appearances, Due Back In Court Next Month

Husband Jim Toth 'feels awful' he involved the actress in his DUI arrest.

Though Reese Witherspoon made it to the New York premiere of her movie "Mud" on Sunday, the actress didn't speak to reporters and skipped her planned night talk show appearances in the wake of Friday's arrest on disorderly conduct

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Witherspoon was slated to tape a segment for "Good Morning America" on Monday and sit on the couch at "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" on Tuesday (April 23). In addition, Witherspoon pulled out of a "Mud" press junket that was slated to take place on Monday.

The actress' actions came after an incident in Atlanta on Friday when her husband, CAA agent Jim Toth, was arrested for suspicion of DUI after police said he was weaving in and out of lanes. During the arrest, an agitated Witherspoon reportedly stuck her head out of the window and said she did not believe the arresting officer was really a cop. After stating that she was a U.S. citizen and that she as allowed to "stand on American ground," Witherspoon reportedly said to the officer, "Do you know my name?," at which point he responded, "No, I don't need to know your name."

Witherspoon, 37, then added, "You're about to find out who I am ... You are going to be on national news." The "Legally Blonde" star reportedly became upset at how long it was taking to arrest Toth, 42, and exited the car, at which point officers ordered her to get back inside the vehicle. When she got out of the car a second time she was arrested for disorderly conduct.

She issued a statement saying she was "deeply embarrassed about the things I said," apologizing for her disrespect to the officer. A source close to Toth told People that the agent feels "awful that he involved Reese in the situation ... he made a bad decision and it certainly made things worse that he dragged her into it."

Witherspoon is due in court on May 22 in the disorderly conduct case, while Toth, who was arrested on suspicion of DUI and driving in the wrong lane charges, faces a May 23 court date. CNN reported that Witherspoon's lawyer worked out a deal with the prosecutor on Monday in which the actress will be allowed to go through a pre-trial intervention program to avoid getting a conviction on her record.