Mac Miller's 'S.D.S.' Single Arrives Before Midnight Release

When the clock struck 12, the Flying Lotus-produced track was going to hit the Net, but the magic happened earlier.

Mac Miller is getting ready to turn up the volume on his upcoming Watching Movies with the Sound Off LP. The Pittsburgh rapper planned to unveil the album's first single "S.D.S. (Somebody Do Something)" at midnight on Tuesday, but the song found its way onto the Internet a few hours early on Monday (April 22).

The track, which is produced by Flying Lotus, finds Miller spewing free-associative and witty rhymes delivered with a tightly packed, multi-syllabic flow. "Close my eyes before I cross the street/ A car about to hit me then he oughta beep/ Watchin' 'Dawson's Creek' until I fall asleep/ It's harder than it seems, I'm underwater in my dreams," he raps, barely taking a breath.

"bout to go on a mild twitter rant..," Mac wrote on Twitter earlier today before he went on about the forthcoming LP. "i've been working harder on this album than any project i have ever been a part of. This is by far the most time i have spent on an album the album has gone thru so much. i only wish u were here to witness this process. but maybe its better u just get the finished product."

Since dropping his #1 debut album Blue Slide Park in 2011, Mac has gone on to release his Macadelic mixtape as well as jazz-influenced five-song EP You. He also starred in his own MTV2 show "Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family." Even with all that he has going on it is the release of Movies that has the rapper most excited. "i have been killing myself with anticipation, waiting to give this to you all. after 9 LONG ass months. it's finally time to get started," he tweeted. " this sh-- is so crazy, you finally get to start hearing what i've been doing to those whole really love this music i do, and not only a certain style, i appreciate you more than you know, and you are in for a treat."

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