Jonas Brothers Will 'Lay It All Out' On Upcoming Album

After a three-year hiatus, Nick tells fans to expect their fifth project to be their 'best record yet.'

After a three-year hiatus that had the Jonas Brothers pursuing solo endeavors, the band is finally back together. And after such a long time away from fans, they're planning to "lay it all out" on their fifth album.

In 2012, the Jonas Brothers parted ways with their longtime label Hollywood Records, which Nick described to MTV News as a "freeing" move that forced them to step outside their comfort zone. That means the best may be yet to come.

"I think it's our best record yet," Nick said of their upcoming album during "Jonas Brothers: Live From MTV."

"Once people dive into more of the record and read about what we are talking about and sort of...our whole approach is not to lay it all out and just say who this is about and what it's about or this and that. It's more about saying it in a way that still gives us our privacy and being more subliminal about it so they can figure it out."

And one of their new songs, "Wedding Bells," has already caused quite a stir. After the trio debuted the song at their October Radio City Music Hall show, many assumed it was about Nick's ex Miley Cyrus and her plans to marry Liam Hemsworth.

"You deal with other artists too, and when that's the situation, there's a mutual understanding that it's your way of expressing yourself," Nick said of writing about uncomfortable subjects on the album. "So it's necessary for you to talk about these things and they kind of have to know when they get involved, that's a possibility."

Now, even though Joe said that the album is "pretty much" complete, they are still putting the finishing touches on it, but did say to be on the lookout for a possible new single to drop before they hit the road for the Jonas Brothers Live Tour in July.

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