Ryan Lochte's E! Show Starts New Movement: 'Swimming Awareness'?

The Olympian's 'What Would Ryan Lochte Do?' reality series will show him on dates and hanging with family.

This Sunday, the timeless question will be answered: "What Would Ryan Lochte Do?" In his new reality show of that title, Ryan will take audiences along for the wild ride that is his life — hanging with his family, zip lining with his friends and dating.

MTV News caught up with Lochte to talk about his most recent endeavor, and the Olympic athlete explained the show's main goal is to raise "swimming awareness" and make it bigger than it was at the Olympics.

In addition to raising the popularity of his sport, Ryan is letting fans into his dating life. "I'm a single guy, so, you'll see me going out on a couple dates on the show. You know, just trying to find that one true love." Well, he hasn't found that one true love yet, but "WWRLD?" will show him going on a date with his childhood crush, Carmen Electra. According to Ryan, she might be better than true love "I mean, that was like my little boy dream. I had pictures of her on my wall when she was on Baywatch."

When the show starts, don't be surprised if there is some vocabulary you have never heard before. "The Lochte Edge" refers to his still undefined fashion style, "Jeah" is his freshly patented word, and now the newest of them all, "Ryan Moments."

"On this show there will be these times when I'm doing the interview part and then I'll just go completely blank. I lose my train of thought; I'm in my own world. And we call those Ryan Moments." But, as Ryan sees it, that is the good stuff, "I want that on the show. I want all that stuff on the show because it's me. That's Ryan Lochte."

Lochte is already in training for the approaching 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, but luckily for him, nerves are not an issue. "I've never been nervous for a swim or a race. I just don't get nervous. After the 2012 Olympics, after the plane touched down on American soil, I started thinking about Rio. I mean, it's a four-year process, and I've already set my goals for what I want to accomplish."

With 11 Olympic medals already behind him, the beginnings of a fashion line, and now a hit TV show, we are excited for whatever else Ryan Lochte has to show the world.

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