Justin Bieber's Hologram Enlisted For will.i.am's Futuristic '#thatPOWER' Video

Bieber, will and his clones get their pop and lock on in clip for the new #willpower track.

will.i.am may have asked Justin Bieber to appear on his #willpower track "#thatPOWER," but he got a little help from Bieber's hologram for the just-released spacey video.

The video doesn't have much of a story line but is all about setups that are meant to please the eye thanks to appearances from will, Bieber's hologram and a myriad of dancers. The fact that Bieber's cameo relies heavily on his hologram, and later on televised images of his face, makes sense given that he's currently on a world tour and probably couldn't make the multi-location shoot. While Bieber isn't the star of the show, Beliebers will be pleased that he pops up often enough to add one more player to will's futuristic team of performers.

When Bieber isn't there, will and his dancers are doing

target="_blank">"synchronized movement" anywhere their hearts desire — in traffic, on Japanese city streets, in office buildings and even on overpasses.

The most visually stunning moment comes about midway, as will.i.am and his dancers get their groove on in a room with a mirrored floor as the lyrics of the song are projected on the walls in neon-colored lighting. will's fans may also appreciate a shot of the Black Eyed Peas frontman and his clones dancing on an escalator. The walls are mirrored, giving it all a kaleidoscope feel.

"#thatPOWER" is one of the many tracks fans have previewed ahead of #willpower's April 23 release date. He also dropped "Scream & Shout" featuring Britney Spears and "Fall Down"

featuring Miley Cyrus.

Beliebers should also take note: This is the second music video in a week that Bieber has starred in. He dropped his "All Around the World" video last Friday. And while the clip for "#thatPOWER" is rather high-concept, "AATW" is more simplistic, featuring concert and behind-the-scenes footage of the 19-year-old as he travels, well, all around the world.