Nick Jonas Ready To Make You 'Uncomfortable' In New Thriller

Jonas opens up to MTV News about his starring role in 'Careful What You Wish For.'

Nick Jonas is ready to get all hot and bothered with Isabel Lucas for his upcoming film project, "Careful What You Wish For." And by the sound of it, he's going to make the audience feel a bit heated under the collar as well.

"I play a guy named Doug Martin. It's an interesting movie; really intense sort of sexy thriller with a lot of twists and turns," he told MTV News on Wednesday during the "Live From MTV" with the Jonas Brothers. The movie revolves around Jonas' Doug and Lucas' Lena, who find themselves caught up in an affair of the heart... and the body. But, it takes a turn for the worse when her hubby winds up dead.

He heads to North Carolina this week to begin filming the movie, directed by Elizabeth Allen ("Aquamarine," "The Vampire Diaries," "Life Unexpected") and he shared it's a great breakout role for him. "It's a great acting role. It's something I can really dive into and sort of lose myself in and become this person for a little while, which is exciting," the 20-year-old added. "And I think it'll be a movie that keeps people on the edge of their seats and makes them uncomfortable and excited. It'll be good."

And he confirms that, yes, there will be some sexy times. "There's a couple of those [types of scenes] too. It's a good film and a really interesting story," he said.

Oh, and by the way, expect a new look from the singer/actor. In addition to stepping out of his comfort zone as a performer in "Careful," he also revealed that he will be growing out his hair for the movie, "but it takes a little bit of time. So, be patient."

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New experiences seem to be the theme for Nick's life in 2013. He recently surprised and dazzled fans with dance moves in the video for "Pom Poms," but it seems those may not be replicated anytime soon. "I wouldn't consider myself a dancer. It's one of those songs that you can't help but get up and move," Nick explained. "And so at least one of us had to do it."