Jonas Brothers Spill Darkest Secrets During 'Know Your Bro': Watch Now!

The brothers reveal who cries the most during movies, who is the biggest mama's boy and who will be the next one to walk down the aisle.

Even though they have been on a three-year hiatus from music, doesn't mean the Jonas Brothers don't know everything about one another — they are still siblings after all.

During "Jonas Brothers: Live from MTV," we decided to test their knowledge in a segment we like to call "Know Your Bro." And they ended up spilling some major secrets. First of all, "Who forgets their lyrics the most onstage?"

Well, fans attending the upcoming Jonas Brothers Live Tour, which kicks off in July, better be on the lookout, because according to both Nick and Kevin, Joe is prone to forget the lyrics.

"It's only because I've got the most lyrics," Joe laughed.

And while the brothers are super peppy on their new track "Pom Poms," it's not always that happy. Especially if "The Lion King" is playing.

"When Simba's dad dies, it's really sad," Kevin said after he was deemed the most likely to cry during a movie.

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However, after admitting that younger brother Frankie is the biggest mama's boy and the next Jonas to walk down the aisle, they did reveal that they always have to be on the lookout for middle brother Joe, since he always has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Recalling a particular prank, Joe admitted that he onetime played a joke on a "Jonas L.A." cast member by removing all the furniture from her dressing room. "She thought she got fired. I didn't know this, I'm sitting backstage laughing and she comes up in the middle of a scene and tackles me."