Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ ‘Can’t Hold Us’ Video: Go Behind The Scenes!

Now that you've seen the new 'Can't Hold Us' video, MTV News takes you behind the scenes.

On Wednesday, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis premiered their epic “Can’t Hold Us” video, which follows the dynamic duo on a journey across land, sea and air, aboard everything from planes and boats to dogsleds and camels.

Yes, it’s definitely a very big deal, the rare clip that actually lives up to the advance billing — just days before “Can’t Hold Us” premiered, Mack & Lew promised a video that would be “massive,” one shot over 16 days, on 6 continents and cobbled together in hotel rooms around the globe.

Of course, almost two months ago, Macklemore & Lewis invited MTV News out to the campus of the University of Southern California, where they were shooting a scene from the clip that didn’t involve a single biplane or boat … instead, it was just Ryan Lews, flinging himself through the air and into the waiting arms of some frat guys. Over and over again. And now that the scene in question has made the final cut, well, we figured we’d bring the action to you right now.

“We’ve put a lot of planning into this,” he laughed. “I’m jumping out of this window four times, and there’s a whole bunch of frat dudes that are hopefully going to catch me.”

As you are probably aware, the frat guys did their job … though that may have something to do with the fact that, besides being students at the University, they were also fans of the duo, and they definitely weren’t going to let Lewis drop.

“A music video like this, we conceptualized it, we hire our fan base to be the extras; a lot of people, when they shoot music videos, they do casting calls,” Macklemore added. “We go to Facebook, and we’re like ‘Yo, we’re shooting a music video; come through.’ We get to meet our fans and kick it, and we don’t have to pay people.”

See, added bonus. And just before Lewis was gearing up to jump once again, he let it be known that he had big plans for the “Can’t Hold Us” video … he wanted to makes something that would match the scope of the song.

“‘Can’t Hold Us,’ to me, is mood music,” he said. “And I think, for us, that have made so many songs that surround very concrete topics, ‘Can’t Hold Us’ is that song that feels anthemic, it feels like a soccer game, it feels huge.

Hey, so does the video.

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