Jonas Brothers Wrote 'Pom Poms' While Dreaming Of Sofia Vergara

The bros talked to MTV News about Nick's dance skills and their inspiration for the new single.

A lot has changed for the Jonas Brothers in the three years since they first made music together, Nick explored Broadway, Joe cooked up music of his own and Kevin became a reality star, but now that they are back together, it seems like all of those experiences are shaping their new sound, which they showed off in their first single, "Pom Poms."

The energetic track, which was produced by Nick, experiments with genre-bending and new instruments, but it doesn't deviate too far from the fun, lighthearted songs we first fell in love with. During "Jonas Brothers: Live From MTV" they admitted that "Pom Poms" didn't happen until much later in their recording process.

"It was one of the last songs, if not the last song, Nick said. "It's one of those things I feel like most artists do. They make the whole record and sort of find out the different palette of the tones they have for it and then sort of feel like they are missing a piece and that's where we were kind of at when we wrote 'Pom Poms.' We had a lot of songs that were a bit darker in tone and we needed a brighter song and something that was really just fun and this song just kind of happened. It was toward the end. From the minute we finished it, we felt it was the right song to lead with."

To follow that peppy tone, the video, which was shot in a New Orleans high school football field, featuring Nick challenging an opposing squad with a dance-off.

"I wouldn't consider myself a dancer, it's one of those songs that you can't help but get up and move," Nick said of dancing in the video, with chuckles coming from fans in the audience. "And so at least one of us had to do it."

And while some have argued the true meaning behind "Pom Poms," during Wednesday's live stream, one fan asked the brothers if they had a certain someone in mind when creating this song.

"Probably Sofia Vergara," Joe said laughing.

Nick added, "That's a good one. I think we'll go with that for now."

Do you like Nick's dancing in "Pom Poms"? Tell us if he could survive in a dance-off with you in the comments!