Justin Timberlake Will 'Create More Music' For 20/20 Experience Sequel

Timberlake will record more music before dropping second half in November.

Considering all the fervor over part one of Justin Timberlake's million-plus-seller The 20/20 Experience, fans are surely counting down the days until they get another new album from him.

While this current release has only been out for a month, producer and Timbaland protégé J-Roc is offering up some key details about what's next for the former boy bander. The album will borrow some from Timberlake's 20/20 recording sessions, but spankin' new music is also definitely in the works.

"Before we came to the 10 [songs] that he wanted and the two bonus tracks, we had over 30, 40 tracks," he opened up to Billboard about the release, slated to hit retailers in November. "So I think he's going to go in, and we're going to take some of the stuff that we've already done, and of course create more music at the same time."

In fact, not all of this current set of 20/20 tunes are from recording sessions designated for the album. Timberlake's current single, "Mirrors," was already in the works back in 2009, eventually making its way onto 20/20, but with a new feel to it. "We segued each piece to go into another song, so if you were to break it up, that second part of 'Mirrors' is like a song by itself," he revealed. "Once we got all the songs that [Timberlake] knew he wanted on this album, then that's when we began to tie everything together, and the second part just fell in order."

Timberlake is set to hit the road with his "Suit & Tie" collaborator Jay-Z on their Legends of the Summer trek beginning in July. It's slated to kick off on July 17 in Toronto and wraps up August 16 in Miami. So somewhere along the way, Timberlake will once again be in the studio putting the finishing touches on it.

At a record release party in March, Timberlake kept the details vague about it, only teasing, "The news that this is only the first half of the album, that's true. That's all I'm gonna say!" The Roots' ?uestlove first blew the whistle about the part two on Twitter, also clearing up just how Timberlake came up with that album name, "20/20 Vol. 2 comes out in Nov. 10 songs now ... 10 songs later = 20 vision."

Do you hope the sequel will return to Timberlake's roots or continue in 20/20 vision? Leave a comment!