Jonas Brothers Talk, Twerk And ... Plug Joe's Sex Tape?: Relive It Now!

The trio stopped by the MTV Newsroom to talk their new tour, album and peppy single 'Pom Poms.'

It's safe to say, MTV News has never had a pom-pom-wielding squad of cheerleaders in the newsroom, but when we found out the Jonas Brothers would be stopping by, we thought, hey, now's the time to bring some pep to the office. "Go Jonas! Go Jonas, go!"

Dozens of fans, along with the Columbia University cheerleaders, grouped around the MTV Newsroom on Wednesday (April 17) evening to hang out with their favorite boy band for "Jonas Brothers: Live from MTV." And though the guys' latest "Pom Poms" video wasn't completely recreated, there was something about the 30-minute sit-down that had the same, playful vibe — there was competition, lots of dancing and plenty of spunk.

Along with dishing on their long-awaited summer tour and talking new music, the brothers made some dirty jokes and... applied some lipstick? That's right, Kevin, Joe and Nick played a bunch of games with their fans, which ended in a dizzy, blindfolded fiasco with makeup smeared over lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it) fans. It seems like they've never had much practice.

Things got really crazy when the Jonas Brothers took some questions from the fans. "Who was 'Pom Poms' inspired by?" You know, we're all wondering. Turns out that Joe has a thing for Sofia Vergara. Hmmm, Sofia and pom poms? Whatever was he thinking?

The interview took a turn for the scandalous when a fan asked out the craziest rumor the trio has heard. Nick was quick on his feet after many ensuing giggles. "When's the sex tape come out, Joe? I'm waiting."

"I'll get you the director's cut," Joe responded snarkily.

If you want more Jonas, stay locked in with MTV News to get more on the brothers' newsroom takeover.

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