Does Ed Sheeran Want His Musical March Madness Trophy? 'Hell Yeah!'

After winning MMM last week, Sheeran's trophy arrives at MTV News ... and, boy, is he excited.

Last week, Ed Sheeran shocked the world — and angered plenty of Tokio Hotel fans — by winning MTVs Musical March Madness tournament ... and to the victor goes the spoils.

Soon after Ed rode the support of his Sheerios to a title-game victory over Thirty Seconds To Mars, we began melting down bars of 24-carat gold to create his championship trophy, and, after carefully forging his chalice in the flames, we had his name etched on its shiny veneer using a diamond-tipped micro-engraver. And then, after 24 hours of continuous buffing (one of our interns had to be hospitalized) and a secret dry-aging process to ensure maximum marbleization, we were satisfied with the final product ... the 2013 Musical March Madness Cup was complete.

Okay, actually, we just ordered it from a trophy store down the street. But on Wednesday, Sheeran's hardware arrived in the MTV Newsroom, and we tweeted a pic of it out to him. Soon after, he responded, and, boy, was he fired up.

Hell yeeeeeahhh!!! Indeed. So, after 40 million votes, 64 bands, and 26 days, we've really, truly reached the end of this year's tournament. The trophy is engraved and ready, and on its way to Ed as you read this. Congrats to all the Sheerios who helped guide their man to victory ... and who knows, maybe you'll be seeing the MMM Cup out on the road with Sheeran. Hey, maybe he'll even let Taylor drink out of it or something. Either way, it's his forever. Long may he reign.

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