Drake's 'Girls Love Beyonce': But What Else Did We Learn?

MTV News breaks down Drizzy's latest track, which follows his ongoing quest for real love.

Drake's love life is complicated to say the least. Even before the Young Money whiz kid broke out of his native Toronto, he seemed to be having trouble with the chicas, as evidenced on So Far Gone songs like "Houstatlantavegas" and "Sooner Than Later."

On Tuesday, Drizzy continued to document his trust issues with the cleverly titled "Girls Love Beyoncé." The James Fauntleroy-assisted tune isn't just an ode to Mrs. Carter, though. Drake actually pours out his lonely heart on the track. So what did we learn from it? MTV News breaks it down.

Girls Love Beyoncé, duh.

After establishing that girls love Queen Bey in the song's very first line, Drake goes on to list other things that the fairer sex enjoys. Apparently, women take great joy in toying with men's emotions and keeping dudes in the house. "Girls love to f--- with your conscience/ Girls hate when n---as go missing," he rhymes, err, sings.

Drizzy's 'Young Boys' Are A Bad Influence On Him.

It's hard to get in touch with your innermost feelings when all of your boys are around, and Drake's OVO clique definitely doesn't make things easy for the lovelorn rapper. The first step in dealing with your problem is admitting that you have a problem. "All my young boys 'round me, saying, 'Get money and f--- these hoes'/ Where we learn these values? I do not know what to tell you," he croons.

Drake Is Sick Of Ducking Paparazzi While Out On Dates.

Though the Young Money hitmaker has been linked to a number of women — from dancer Maliah Michel to tennis star Serena Williams — he's notoriously private about his love life. Yet judging from his lyrics, Drake may be looking to change things, even if only a little bit: "I need someone I leave through the front door with, because we don't wanna hide no more/ Plus, you're not shy no more/ Neither of us wanna play the side no more."

No New Friends Allowed In The OVO Crew.

"I'm scared to let somebody in on this, no new friends, no, no, no," the OVO boss wails. So if you brand-new guys didn't get the message the first time ("Started From the Bottom") ... or the second time ("No New Friends"), Drake once again reminds us that he's no longer taking buddy applications.

Whether you call him Drake, Aubrey or Drizzy Graham, just say his name — if you love him.

Sneaky lovers often have something to hide, and Destiny's Child came up with a mighty fine way to deal with cheaters on their 1999 hit "Say My Name." If the strategy worked for Bey and Kelly and LeToya and LaTavia (remember them?), it's good enough for Drake and Fauntleroy. When nobody's around you, say baby I love you. it's simple.

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