'The Voice' Recap: Adam Levine, Usher Have Their Own Battle Round

Judges go head to head to steal Caroline Glaser during the second night of battle rounds on Tuesday.

If you thought the contestants had it difficult winning the approval of their judge on "The Voice," imagine having to choose which overly persuasive superstar's team to be part of right after being eliminated. It was one of just a few highlights during night two of the show's battle rounds on Tuesday night (April 16).

Team Adam kicked off the evening duels with country-strong competitors Michael Austin and Warren Stone, who were assigned Jason Aldean's "My Kinda Party" and took in a bulk of critiques Levine offered during rehearsals. But once they hit the boxing ring, it was smooth sailing. Shelton caught note of their performance ease, telling host Carson Daly later on that "both of them work" in their country styling. Asked whom he'd choose if this was his call, the hitmaker picked Austin over Stone. However, this was Levine's decision and that meant that 43-year-old Austin needed to head on home.

"You both come from totally different places within the realm of country," the Maroon 5 frontman said, before choosing 31-year-old Stone to advance.

As viewers noticed on Monday's episode, Usher takes a more hands-on approach when dealing with his contestants, even if that means giving a little tough love. Jeff Lewis and Josiah Hawley both have charm and good looks, but their judge wanted nothing but professionalism and conviction from their rehearsals. When they finally hit the stage to offer a take on The Police's "Roxanne," it didn't necessarily move Shakira or Adam. "I wasn't impressed. Maybe another choice of song would have helped you more," Shaki quipped. Usher chose Hawley as the battle round champion, citing the 27-year-old's mystique and confidence that he caught a glimpse of in rehearsals.

Shelton clearly thought there was only room for one young Southern Belle on his team when he matched Caroline Glaser and Danielle Bradbery for battle. The judge kept their duel track within their comfort levels with Corinne Bailey Rae's easy-going "Put Your Records On," but it was Bradbery's confidence that made her Shelton's pick. All ended well for Glaser, though, who was immediately requested by Levine and Usher.

While Levine confessed knowledge of the 18-year-old's singer/songwriter styling, Usher pleaded his case with understanding for Glaser's voice and one-liners. "I'm willing to set myself on fire," he joked, to which Adam replied, "That was my line. I said that already." Glaser told the audience that she needed to rely on her gut and decided to join Levine's team, making her the judge's first steal of the season.

Tuesday's hour-long battle rounds episode only left time to showcase three duels, so take a peek at some of the additional contestants who advanced forward within the competition.

Moving On

— Warren Stone (Team Adam)

— Josiah Hawley (Team Usher)

— Danielle Bradbery (Team Blake)

— Caroline Glaser (Team Adam - stolen from Team Blake)

— Tawnya Reynolds (Team Shakira)

— Audrey Karrasch (Team Usher)

— Grace Askew (Team Blake)

Going Home

— Michael Austin (Team Adam)

— Jeff Lewis (Team Usher)

— Trevor Davis (Team Blake)

— Mark Andrew (Team Shakira)

— Jamila Thompson (Team Usher)

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