'Awkward.' Cast Promises Dark, Shirtless Drama In Season Three

Stars tease the new season, which starts this Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

It's almost time for things to get "Awkward." again. The hit MTV series premieres on Tuesday (April 16) night, and given how much action has gone down in the last two seasons for Jenna Hamilton and her pals, season three will certainly up the ante, the cast promises.

"Jenna's going to go to a whole new level of dark," star Ashley Rickards explained to MTV News prior to the big premiere at 10 p.m. ET on MTV. "And I am so excited to play it as an actress. And I think the fans will just love it."

According to the trailer, Jenna might be with Matty (finally), but soon, a new fella comes to town: Colin (played by Nolan Gerard Funk). His casual, romantic Jane Austen references in conversations show he might be giving hunky Matty a run for his money. Jake and Tamara also have a love blooming, and Jillian Rose Reed promises that they will "make out, a lot" in season three.

In addition to some PDA, Matty will once again pop up shirtless. And, Brett Davern teases he's more topless than ever before. Brett said, "Beau Mirchoff is shirtless, like the entire season. Actually it's more than it's ever been, pretty much. He hasn't eaten in like 3 months. Poor guy. He just comes to set and does pushups."

We spoke to Beau back in March, who also weighed in on the new season, adding that Jenna and Matty will try and take their relationship up a few emotional notches.

"Matty and Jenna have had this opportunity to really know each other and kind of start this relationship and kind of deepen their relationship," he said. "He's finally open with his relationship with Jenna, which he hasn't been in the past. So you're gonna see Matty being romantic and happy with his situation. That's kind of one of the most prevalent changes from the first two seasons."

Like Rickards, he promises that some juicy stuff is going to take place. "I honestly believe this season is the best one yet. It's really funny. It's more dramatic, there's more drama as the season progresses. It's a good season for Matty, as well," he said. "He's kind of maturing. He's evolving and maybe a couple characters are devolving."

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