Selena Gomez To Channel Britney Spears On Stars Dance World Tour

Just one day after her big performance at the MTV Movie Awards, Gomez announces something even 'bigger.'

Need some more Selena Gomez in your life? Well, fresh off a red-hot performance at Sunday night's MTV Movie Awards, she's announced she's going on a red-hot world tour starting this August.

The "Come & Get It" singer will launch the Stars Dance World Tour on August 14 in Vancouver. She'll then trek across the globe before bringing the show to the States on October 10 in Fairfax, Virginia, wrapping up on November 27 in St. Louis. Full details can be found on the singer's website. She will release her new album this summer.

On Monday, the singer opened up about the tour to Ryan Seacrest sharing that she plans on going big and sending everyone home happy. "It's going to be a bigger show. I'm excited. I've been dancing a lot and I just want to entertain people and I'm super stoked," she said, adding that, much like with her MTV Movie Awards performance, she'll be taking a page from the one and only Britney Spears.

"I kind of missed shows when it used to just be about the dancing and the performing as opposed to how big and elaborate the stage is, so I kind of want to get back to that," she said. "My favorites were Britney and Janet Jackson so I kind of want it to be a bit more dancing and make it about entertainment and about the show and the songs as opposed to how big the stage and effects are."

And Spears is giving the love right back. "Wow @SelenaGomez... 'Come & Get It' on the #mtvmovieawards was incredible! One of my favorite songs out there right now!" she wrote. "And thank you for all of the kind words about the VMA Slave're too sweet! Means a lot to me."