'42' Wins Box Office As 'Scary Movie 5' Strikes Out

Jackie Robinson biopic brings in $27.3 million while the latest horror spoof made just $15.2 million.

Nearly 70 years since he joined the Dodgers, Jackie Robinson's groundbreaking story still hits it out of the park.

Sports biopic "42" debuted at the top of the box office over the weekend with $27.3 million, much stronger than many analysts and pre-release polling had suggested. Starring relative unknown Chadwick Boseman as the legendary baseball player, "42" easily bested the weekend's other big new release, "Scary Movie 5," and received an A+ CinemaScore from audiences, a feat accomplished by blockbusters like "The Avengers."

"Scary Movie 5" opened far behind at #2. Despite including much publicized appearances from Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen, the latest entry in the horror spoof series mustered only $15.2 million. "Scary Movie 4" debuted with $40.2 million back in 2006.

Industry analysts had projected much higher for "Scary Movie 5" last week. Warner Bros., who distributed "42," had released a very conservative $15 million estimate for their film.

With no other kid-movie competition, "The Croods" was able to grab another $13.2 million over the weekend, landing at #3. The DreamWorks animation hit has now made over $142.5 million.

"G.I. Joe: Retaliation" was #4 with $10.8 million. The action sequel has made $102.4 million in 18 days of release. "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" had made $121 million by the same period in its release in 2009. The first movie carried a reported production budget of $175 million; the new one, starring The Rock, was made for closer to $130 million.

Last weekend's #1 film, the "Evil Dead" remake, rounded out the top five with $9.5 million. The movie's $41.5 million domestic total is great considering the estimated $17 million budget. Producer and franchise originator Sam Raimi still has "Oz: The Great and Powerful" in the top 10 as well. "Oz" made $4.9 million over the weekend and has generated $219.4 million in North America since it's release 6 weeks ago.

"Scary Movie 5" isn't likely to join the $100 million-plus club occupied this year so far by movies like "Identity Thief," "Oz" and "The Croods." This weekend, Tom Cruise's sci-fi epic "Oblivion" will be looking to be the year's next big blockbuster. "Iron Man 3," which premiered a new clip during the MTV Movie Awards, will arrive next month.

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