MTV Movie Awards 2013: The Real Winners And Losers

Bradley Cooper, James Franco help Rebel Wilson win the Movie Awards, as Iron Man and others suffer a rough night.

Another year, another MTV Movie Awards in the books. The 2013 edition of the show has come and gone, and it was made all the more tremendous by the comedic stylings of Rebel Wilson, who not only hosted the show, but won the Breakthrough Performance award as well.

Wilson stands out as one of the biggest winners of the evening, but she wasn't the only person at the Movie Awards with a reason to celebrate. Read on for our list of the night's greatest winners — and its biggest losers as well.

Winner — James Franco: For traveling to "the real Oz," Australia, and cheerily acknowledging his maligned stint as Oscar host some years ago.

Loser — Iron Man: Because he was the coolest looking superhero around, but got completely upstaged by Rebel's similar suit of armor, the Iron Mangina. (In fairness, he regained some points when "Avengers" took home the night's Best Movie award.)

Winner — Bradley Cooper: For cleaning up at the show with two wins, including Best Male and Best Kiss for "Silver Linings Playbook."

Losers — Fans of People Making Out: Because even though Cooper won Best Kiss, Jennifer Lawrence was nowhere in sight, so there was no chance to recreate their "Silver Linings" smooch.

Winner — Bilbo Baggins: For winning the Best Hero award against an ultra-competitive field of nominees, including Batman and the Hulk. Big things really do come in small packages!

Losers — People Who Don't Want An "Avengers"/One Direction Crossover: Because Tom Hiddleston's shout-out to Liam Payne during his acceptance speech for Best Villain brought Earth's mightiest heroes and one of Earth's mightiest musical acts one step closer to mutual global domination.

Loser — Anne Hathaway: Because even though she snagged an Oscar this year, we now know that Rebel was almost in "Les Miserables" with the award-winner, casting a nebulous cloud of what-could-have-been over an otherwise flawless performance.

Winner — Will Ferrell, Emma Watson and Jamie Foxx: For receiving the prestigious Comedic Genius, Trailblazer and Generation awards.

Losers — Will Ferrell, Emma Watson and Jamie Foxx: Because they now have nothing else to look forward to in life.

Winner — Will Ferrell's Family: For being able to go home and worship at the altar of Will's money suit. (No exaggeration. It's literally a suit made of money.)

Winner — The "Catching Fire" Trailer: For showing us a lot of what's coming up in the "Hunger Games" sequel, but still leaving so many of the greatest surprises (Finnick!) intact.

Loser — Not Rebel Wilson: Which means, she's a winner. Because if nothing else happened tonight, Rebel absolutely cemented her reputation as the greatest Australian female host in MTV Movie Awards history.